"Je chante et je conte, pour ne pas perdre le compte." Cantu e cuntu – R. Balistreri

A.D.N. Musical – The Soul of Notes

Intention Note

This Show is born of the need and desire to trace the “sound pathways” that have accompanied me since birth. I was born in the heart of Sicily and the first sounds I heard – first in my mother’s womb, gradually in a small community – are part of the dialect family. These sound expressions, or ways of speaking and singing, have over time constituted a language rich in nuances with its own characteristics.

This language, with its specificity, is transcribed in me and will accompany me to the death.

It is part of my identity, because it is not just simple words to pronounce but there is something deeper, which is rooted in my body.

What we have forgotten, in this time, is that a language before being communicated by words, passes through the body, through emotions.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing a considerable loss of cultural differences in all their forms: culinary, pictorial, architectural, linguistic, etc. Those who decide not to comply with this system will be seen as nostalgic or worse, as failures who do not seek the means to succeed and to be successful.
Success: the favorite son of contemporaneity!
With this show, I share with you my desire to protect with all my strength, those precious roots that inhabit each of us and that we all risk losing if we allow ourselves to be distracted by the slogans “modern”, if we listen only to the languages of the market.
We also risk straying and losing our identity if we gradually forget the use of certain words, expressions and languages that our previous generations have passed on to us, because without memory identity does not exist. It is the very memory that creates identity and it is identity that leads to integration and citizenship while maintaining diversity.
Today, for example, we are witnessing uninterrupted flows of immigration on the waters of the Mediterranean on a daily basis. It is painful to leave your own Earth, especially when there is no possibility to choose it. So what do we have left to continue to feel “a little” at home? Memories
The memories, which contain a lived experience in which there are the seeds of our childhood, of our youth and there are also: the sound channels, the Musical DNA.

Artistic proposal

This creation of the director, halfway between music and theatre, is oriented on a “current” reflection that leads to the discovery of the “ancestral” sounds hidden in us.

... the first Sound that welcomes us is the Voice of th
e Mother.Then, over time, each of us will be invaded by the Notes of a Comm
unity, a People, a Culture: a set of so
und expressions, which will determine the origin of a Language, a Language, a Music.

The creation “A.D.N. Musical” will be characterized by a changing set design thanks to the presence of a variety of traditional musical instruments that will have a function both decorative and musical. The actors/musicians will create a dreamlike atmosphere: a sound and visual journey with the projection of images.

An “other” way to tell this “Musical” Genetic Heritage that accompanies us all life by characterizing our way of being, of thinking: in fact, our entire Identity.

Past dates

  • 2 March 2019 – Gérard Philipe Theatre – Montpellier
  • 21 and 22 February 2020 – Théâtre Carré Rondelet – Montpellier