"Je chante et je conte, pour ne pas perdre le compte." Cantu e cuntu – R. Balistreri

Six degrees of Guimbarde

Listening to an Italian radio show called "Six Degrees" (which is not a temperature, we do not want to be cold!, but a reminder to the theory of six degrees of separation) I had the desire to make my own list of Six Degrees with the guimbarde, the first, surely not the last.

There she is:

Let's start with a classic that everyone knows:

Ennio Morricone – Per un pugno di dollari (1964)

1) Morricone was born as a trumpeter (a passion he may have taken from his father) and discovered the Bebop by working for Vincenzo Micocci (Italian record producer) and collaborating with Chet Baker. He discovered the Bebop in 1946 in Berlin while listening to Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie.
Gillespie in 1977 knows Arturo Sandoval, they become good friends and in 1982 they created this pearl from the album "To a Finland Station"

Dizzy Gillespie – Arturo Sandoval – First Chance (1982)

(2) In the same year, from Finland to France, we meet (I couldn't help but mention it!) John Wright and his wife Catherine Perrier, two world-renowned ethnomusicologists who record at a concert at RadioFrance. Another link between John and Finland is the study of Jouhikko, a lira played with a bow and used since the 14th century. The song I chose is my favorite from the Irish tradition.

John Wright – The folk is all over (1982)

(CD link: http://www.mediafire.com/?er9w08ew6eppxtd)

(3)) Also thanks to his interest in musical research John Wright, who was also a violinist, wrote an article on how to assemble a violin before 1800 on the magazine "Early Music".
The composition of the next piece dates back to 1770 by Johann Georg Albrechtsberger Austrian composer (who was among other things one of Beethoven's masters) who creates this concertino for guimbardes. In this recording it is Fritz Mayr, Austrian virtuoso, who plays the guimbarde .

Albrechtsberger – Konzerte fur Maultrommel (1770)

(4) Still in Austria, but with a leap of 240 years, the style changes and takes off with the Maul-TrommeSeuche, a group with Jorg Honer and Christph Shulz.

Maulundtrommelseuche – Wiedashaun (2010)

(5) From Austria we move on to Asia, staying in the theme of multiple guimbardes. Here we will listen to a representative of the Yi o Nuosu population who own this original type of multi-guimbarde called KouXian. The artist's name is Ma Guo Guo.

Maguoguo – Kouxian (2008)

(6) Still in Asia but we travel to South India where we find Raman Ramakrishnan invited to a beautiful project led by the Chemirani family. This project is called "The Rhythm of the Word" where we explore a musical conversation between the different traditions of South India, Iran and Mali.

The Rhythm of the Word – Kunto Ko: Renunciation

(CD link: http://www.accords-croises.com/fr/catalogue/le-rythme-de-la-parole-ii)

Here is a list to take a little tour of the world of the guimbarde.
To conclude and heat up this trip a little, I allow myself to add a small final degree with a piece of our (Liliana and Mathias) creation:
Amun Duo – La Vicina (viddani album)

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