"Je chante et je conte, pour ne pas perdre le compte." Cantu e cuntu – R. Balistreri

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The Compagnie CANTUSCANTI is an artistic and cultural association created in 2011.

It arises from the need to bring to the fore, the values ​​of European and Mediterranean cultures and traditions today threatened by a society that advocates cultural overconsumption without reflection.

To safeguard this heritage, the Compagnie Cantuscanti begins a work of listening and collecting, of elaboration and restitution in different artistic forms, whether musical, theatrical or narrative.

In this sense, the Company offers shows and works to raise awareness among young people and within schools. To promote this artistic encounter, it focuses on:

  • creation (shows, concerts, readings …) ;  
  • animation (artistic practice workshops in schools, extracurriculars or associations);
  • exchange and meetings (through the discovery and preservation of the musical and theatrical heritage of European and Mediterranean cultures).